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Добрый день. Хочу представить вам большой выбор деталей и запасных частей для грузового транспорта произведенного в Европе - IVECO, SCANIA, RENAULT, MAN, DAF, VOLVO. а также автомобилей и автобусов минского завода МАЗ, автомобилей КАМАЗ, автобусов всех модификаций ПАЗ, КАВЗ, ЛиАЗ, микроавтобусов WVCrafter Вы ...


ANDREA PERDOMI (добавлено 6-04-2010 14:41)

Good Morning Dear Mr./Madam, My name is Andrea Perdomi, and I am the owner of Automotive Spare Parts Network SrL. In the file attached You will find our Company profile. Please have a look at it and I hope that You will find something concerning Your business. Please do not hesitate to send us enquiries for the Brands that we deal of autos, bus, trucks, excavators & tractors. And, in the same time, inform us if You have any products with a competitive price, we will be glad to value it. In this moment we have an offer on these items: 504054021 (0432291492) 30 pieces available = net 45? 4800029 (0432291655) 30 pieces available = net 45? 504125149 (0432133764) 95 pieces available = net 45? 504254390 (0432133761) 180 pieces available = net 45? PART NUMBER 1 IMPIANTO DESCRIZIONE APPLICATO SU LIST BRAND LIST 1 IMP UNIT SELL QTY 99434326 0402646650 pompe reglo k 420cv TECTOR 7820 6724 2000 30 P/N BOSCH DESCRIPTIONS APPLY ON AVAILAB NET IN ? 0414703004 INJECTORS CURSOR 13 100 220 0445120054 INJECTORS EUROCARGO EURO 4 72 135 0445120075 INJECTORS INDUSTRIALI / CNH 72 135 0445120028 INJECTORS AIFO 144 135 0445110213 INJECTORS ALFA 2.4 80 110 0445110119 INJECTORS PUNTO/STILO/BRAVO 100 110 0445110230 INJECTORS RENAULT AUTO/COMMERC 60 110 0445110265 INJECTORS RENAULT AUTO/COMMERC 170 110 0445110280 INJECTORS RENAULT AUTO/COMMERC 40 110 0445110328 INJECTORS RENAULT AUTO/COMMERC 50 110 WE HAVE ALSO AN AMAZING OFFER ON TURBOCHARGER HOLSET 4046945, ARE YOU INTERESTED? Waiting for your kind reply,

stevejackson@carwood.co.uk (добавлено 29-11-2010 19:41)

I came across your web site when looking on Google for some part number cross references that I could not get from Bosch. If you would kindly send me a return email stevejackson@carwood.co.uk I will send you a list of my requirements. Like wise we may be able to help you with diesel injectors and fuel pumps?
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